Epic night out? Settle your expenses
with JARS.

JARS - an online JAR of money to settle expenses.

Welcome to JARS

Settle expenses with your friends in a fast and secure way.

Online JAR with money

With the JARS app you always have
some cash in your pocket.

Exchange money

Did you pay something for your friends?
Take it directly from their JARS!

Personal JAR

You cannot share a JAR.
Your JAR is yours and yours alone.


Settling debts is faster than ordering another round of drinks.


Your JAR is personal and coupled to your smartphone.


Instead of spreadsheets, e-mails and annoyance, settling debts with JARS is easy and fun!

Fast, safe, secure

If you paid for a shared present and wanted to get your money back, you had to:
create a calculation and chase people with mails or Whatsapp messages , check your bank account who hasn’t paid yet, mail again and check your bank account again…

Now, you can get an overview of debts in a fast and pleasant way and directly get your money back with JARS. Everyone already has some money in their JAR and has given you permission to take back small amounts of money, JARS is fast, secure and fun!

Explanation video

This video is extremely suitable to learn some Dutch!

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